Bryan Campbell


Bryan Campbell was born in Miami, Florida, and received his education from some of the best schools in the world. With several languages mastered, he graduated from Webster University in Geneva, Switzerland with a degree in finance and soon thereafter, ventured into the business world.

He successfully established the South Florida dealership for a multi-national heavy equipment conglomerate, with sales in the United States and abroad. His business dealings range from the heavy equipment industry, to the stock market and real estate sector.

He has owned numerous residential and commercial properties, and has successfully mastered the art of consistently obtaining a very lucrative rate of return on all the properties.

Mr. Campbell leads the financial sector of the company. He has a keen eye for investments that generate positive leverage, and is continuously and successfully negotiating new acquisitions in various markets.

Varcamp Group, LLC
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Miami, Florida 33030

Tel: (305) 601-9945

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