Luis E. Varela, Jr.

Business Development

Born in Miami, Florida to immigrant parents, Luis E. Varela, Jr., is a young and successful entrepreneur whose vision and understanding of business has catapulted him to the top.

With a degree in Business Administration and three languages under his belt, Mr. Varela has proven that bridging cultural differences can easily be done at a negotiations table. He has successfully and brilliantly done so in the United States, the Caribbean, South America and Europe.

At the tender age of 26, Mr. Varela organized and closed one of the biggest concrete company mergers in the Caribbean. He then returned to the United States to test his luck in the trucking business and today, owns a booming fleet that is constantly and continuously on the road. He also ventured into the stock market proving that, as with his other business endeavors, this too can garner him triumphant.

Today, Mr. Varela heads the business development department of the company. He is constantly and continuously looking for deals that will improve the company’s bottom line. Mr. Varela spearheads the major real estate and business opportunities mergers and acquisitions sectors for the company.

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